Nikon says wait! We are still selling SLRs!

Yesterday, I reported that Nikon might be throwing in the towel for its SLR business. Today, the company issued a statement that says the truth may be a bit more nuanced: There was a media article reg

The end of an era: Nikon pulls the plug on its SLR business, reports suggest

If you’ve spent any time sitting around with grizzled old photography veterans, you’ve probably sat through more than your fair share of “Canon versus Nikon” debates. Boring an

Pics of SLR cameras and lenses sawn in half – very cool

I’ve actually been looking for pictures like this for ages. I find SLRs and lenses very fascinating, but it wasn’t until I saw a lens cut open like this in the window of a shop in Paris th

Laptop rates the best budget DSLRs so we don't have to

Digital SLR cameras are falling in price, making them a viable option for hobbiests and neophytes alike. But there are also more on the market now than ever before. So which DSLR is your DSLR? We&#821