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Be careful when you decide which costume to buy for your children

[youtube] Let this video serve as a cautionary tale, of what happ

Le iPhone is selling well in le France

Head of Orange France, Didier Lombard, said that the iPhone is selling “very well” (“tres well“) and that they sold about 100,000 (“one unnred tousind!“) in 2007. T

Is that your leg buzzing or are you just going into isolational shock?

Phantom leg buzzing syndrome attacks millions of Americans every day and for just 56 cents a day — the price of a cup of coffee, you can make a difference. Meh. Not really, but you know know wha

WSJ Reporters Complain About Speaker Buzz Caused By Cellphones, World Listens

BZZZZZZ. That’s the sound that speakers spit out whenever a cellphone or smartphone is about to ring, receive a text message or, for you BlackBerry users, receive an e-mail. And the noise is ann