• More Execs Walk Away From Fox/MySpace: Slingshot Labs President & EVP Resign

    Slingshot Labs, a research and development arm for News Corp.’s digital properties, has lost its two top execs. President Josh Berman and EVP Strategy and Product Diego Berkadin gave News Corp Digital Chief Jon Miller their resignations last week, we’ve heard from multiple sources. Like a plethora of ex MySpace and Fox execs, they are likely to be starting their own… Read More

  • Slingshot Labs' Demise Overblown As SocialPlan Is Acquired By MySpace

    Earlier today Valleywag reported that Slingshot Labs, the News Corp-owned incubator that launched in early 2008, was in the process of being shut down. As it turns out, reports of their demise may have been overblown. We reached out to Slingshot to see if they could confirm the report and Diego Berdakin, Slingshot EVP Strategy & Product, gave us the following statement: Without getting… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal Creating New "LinkedIn Killer" Called WSJ Connect

    The Wall Street Journal has long envied the success of professional social network LinkedIn and its 15 million or so monthly visitors ( has just a third of that). In late 2008 they launched WSJ Community, a social network bolted onto the main WSJ site. That community is a ghost town – raise your hand if you’ve even heard of it, let alone visited it. At some point… Read More