• Slim For iPhone Helps You Keep Up With Facebook, LinkedIn And More, Without Obsessively Checking For Updates

    Slim For iPhone Helps You Keep Up With Facebook, LinkedIn And More, Without Obsessively Checking For Updates

    In our state of continued information overload, and because of the growing number of services which we have to check in order to keep up with the information that matters to us, things get missed by even the most active social media users. A new startup called Slim wants to change that, and is today launching an iOS application which allows you to discover and be alerted to the most important… Read More

  • Japan gets white PS3 slim and a black model with a 320GB HDD

    Sony in Japan just announced [JP, PDF] a bunch of changes and news regarding domestic sales of the PS3. The company said they’ll be bringing a PS3 in “Classic White” to the local market, in addition to the existing “Charcoal Black” (the first version of the PS3 in “Ceramic White” went on sale in 2008). There will be no technical changes, but Sony… Read More

  • Find out what evil lurks inside the Xbox 360 Slim

    Wondering what’s in the new Xbox Slim? No? Well tough, it’s a slow news day, and I’m writing about it, so you’re just going to have to read it. Microsoft has been hard at work on the the 360 Slim for a while and it’s only fair that you pay attention and see what’s they’ve done to improve the original hardware and make the new system run cooler… Read More

  • JVC's ultra-slim PC speaker for business use

    JVC in Japan today announced [JP] the NC-SP1, an ultra-slim active speaker that’s just 34mm thick and can be connected to your computer via USB. Marketed as a device that’s particularly suitable for presentations, it supports Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.4 machines and requires just one USB port. Read More

  • Ben Heck makes a PS3 Slim Laptop

    I’d hate to be Ben Heck. You wake up in the morning and suddenly there’s a modded Nintendo DS in your stool. You got eat breakfast and find a modded Commodore 64 inside a cereal box. Then you go to work and suddenly instead of beers coming down the conveyer belt at the bottling plant you start finding modded PS3s inside laptop cases. He used a 1280×720 17-inch laptop screen… Read More

  • Casio Europe introduces new Exilim digital camera (Ex-Z150)

    Today Casio Europe announced the release of a new digital camera, the Ex-Z150, from the company’s Exilim series. There is no word yet on price and availability but the camera should find its way outside Europe soon. The EX-Z150 comes with the following features: – 8.1 megapixel CCD sensor
    – 4x optical Zoom
    – wide-angle zoom lens (28mm)
    – 3.0-Inch LCD Screen… Read More

  • Rumor: Slimmed down PS3 on track for autumn release

    [photopress:psthree.jpg,full,center] Maybe, just maybe, a slimmed down PS3 is in the works. A PSThree, if you will. There’s little in the way of “information” in this report, by speculation points to a slimmer PS3, possibly with a 160GB hard drive. An autumn release has been bandied about, so we’ll see. As you know, the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player . I’ll still… Read More

  • Sony's New Slim PSP Is Selling Like Hotcakes

    And by hotcakes, I mean the iPhone. The company announced today that it has sold over 500,000 Playstation Portable units in Japan during the two weeks since its debut. Funny thing is, Sony has sold more PSP Slims in the past two weeks than it ever did with the original version of the system. I suppose the emerging pattern of “thinner is better” really applies to technology and… Read More

  • More PSP Slim Information Revealed

    It’s no surprise that Sony has considered and was probably working on a new version of the PSP. Whether a complete overhaul or just a re-design, one thing is for sure: Sony is up to something. Kotaku reports that the new PSP will feature a slimmer design, a bright new LED screen, and a faster UMD drive. There will also be 8GB of internal flash memory to make downloading content, new… Read More

  • Retailers Give Ultimatum to Sony PSP

    Retailers have told Sony that unless the PSP sees a price drop, they will drop it from their shelves, according to 1UP. Although 1UP doesn’t name retailers and is vague on the details, the site hints that if a price drop doesn’t come, something major has to happen with the PSP soon. Vince has some details about what a redesign might entail and Matt has a post about a new PSP… Read More

  • Samsung Continues To Slim Down LCDs

    Samsung has done it again. Samsung SDI, Samsung Display Interface, has outdone Samsung Electronics in creating the worlds thinnest LCD for mobile phones. The newest prototype is only 0.74 millimeters thick where as Samsung Electronics LCD is 0.82 millimeters thick. SDI also has the worlds thinnest OLED, which measures in at a slim 0.6 millimeters. No plans for mass manufacturing just… Read More

  • Sprint Gets Slim While We Get Fat

    After turkey, booze, and uncle Doug’s Prez Bush impressions, our favorite part of thnksgvng is by far the mammoth stack of Black Friday ads that accompany the daily paper of your choice. If you were eagle-eyed enough, you may have noticed some retailers offering a new phone from Sprint that might make you forget gluttony for a few moments. Sprint is billing it as the thinnest flip phone… Read More