7 of the Internet’s best animated 404 pages

Gone are the days where a humorous picture or phrase will get your site’s 404 page noticed. In a version of the Internet where GIFs are the new text and videos are the new photos, it’s

Tango Music Pix Returns For Its Official Launch

Today, Tango has officially re-released Tango Music Pix, an app for making musical slideshows, which the messaging service is calling its first "sister application."

Tango Teases “Music Pix,” A Social App For Making Instant Photo Slideshows

Tango, the mobile messaging platform that raised a massive $280 million from Alibaba earlier this year, has quietly rolled out a new photo-sharing application called Tango Music Pix. The app lets you

SketchDeck Turns Terrible Slide Decks Into Beautiful Presentations In Just A Day

A number of startups over the years have tried to reinvent PowerPoint with services that made it easier or quicker to create a slideshow presentation. Newly launched SketchDeck is taking a different a

One-Tap Storytelling: Qwiki Sheds Its Web And Search Roots, Goes Mobile-Only With Beta Launch Of New iPhone App

In 2010, <a href="">Qwiki captured the TechCrunch Disrupt cup</a>, thanks to an ambitious product that sought to transform the way peo

tumblecloud Unveils A Collaborative Take On Slideshows

An startup called tumblecloud is launching the public beta test today for its easy way to create high-quality slideshows. Founder and CEO Brian Andreas (an artist who also runs the boutique publish

What the web is for: A great interview with Bill Gates

We always forget that the real promise of the Internet was multimedia content. This interview with Bill Gates simply talking over a few pictures from Microsoft’s history is so simple and direct