• SlideShare Now Lets You Fuse YouTube Into Your Presentations

    Back in 2006 when we first introduced SlideShare, we called it a mix between PowerPoint and YouTube. Today, that statement gets even more accurate. SlideShare will now allow users to embed YouTube videos into their Flash-based presentations – an oft-requested feature that has countless potential uses. Users will now be able to include personal introductions to their slideshows, offer… Read More

  • SlideShare Sends PowerPoint To The Cloud With New Plugin

    SlideShare, a startup that we’ve likened to a YouTube equivalent for PowerPoint presentations, has released a new plugin for Microsoft Office 2007 that allows users to edit and publish presentations directly to their SlideShare accounts. You can download the free plugin here. Beyond publishing new PowerPoint documents to the web, the SlideShare plugin can import SlideShare files from… Read More

  • SlideShare Secures $3M for Embeddable Presentations

    Sometimes the simplest ideas are best. While a number of startups are working to bring the whole process of creating presentations online, SlideShare recognizes that many people are mostly satisfied with PowerPoint or Keynote. They just want an easy way to share their traditional presentation files with others. The company, which launched in 2006 and later added audio synchronization, took… Read More

  • SlideShare Slammed with DDOS Attacks from China

    SlideShare, a Mountain View-based startup that lets you upload and embed PowerPoint presentations on the web, appears to have stirred the red dragon last week. About ten days ago the company began receiving anonymous requests to delete slideshows that were deemed “illegal” by the requesters. The SlideShare staff checked out these slideshows and discovered them to be quite innocent. Read More

  • Slideshare: Awwwwww, cheer up, sad clown! | View | Upload your own Look! They’re so sad they’re soliciting sex online! This is a thankless job. We can’t make fun of everything equally every day and we definitely can’t go back and see how our flip frivolity and vituperative vitriol has affected our poor, mewling victims. Read More

  • Slideshare Adds Audio Synchronization We first wrote about Slideshare when it launched last October. It provides a useful service by allowing users to upload and share powerpoint presentations. Tomorrow they’ll announce a much-requested feature – synchronization of audio files with slides. This is a… Read More

  • SlideShare: Bore People Around the World

    TechCrunch got a sneak peek at SlideShare, a PowerPoint sharing system that allows you to upload presentations and then show them on any web browser. Think of it as the YouTube of presentations, only with less kids putting Mentos into Diet Coke. While it’s not gadgety, it’s certainly mobile provided you use the right mobile browser. It can also be used as a sleep aid provided you… Read More

  • Introducing SlideShare: Power Point + YouTube

    SlideShare is a new service launching this morning that lets users upload PowerPoint or Open Office presentationi files and share them online through a You Tube-like interface. Power Point documents (or any office documents) stored on the web with a permanent URL are a valuable resource. No need to email the file to recipients, or carry a copy around on a USB drive. The presentation can easily… Read More