Create hassle-free slideshow presentations online with Slides

Meetings are probably never going to die — and, along with that, neither are presentations. But the traditional route for making presentations is getting a little outdated, with tools like PowerPoin

Announcing The Startup Battlefield Of Disrupt SF 2016

TechCrunch is pleased to announce the 23 startups selected to participate in the Disrupt SF 2016 Startup Battlefield. Over the next three days, these companies will compete on tech’s biggest stage

Google Brings Native MS Office Editing Features To Its iOS Productivity Apps, Launches Slides For iOS

Google is closing the loop on bringing support for natively editing Microsoft Office files to all of productivity apps today. The company’s iOS apps for Docs and Sheets are getting a couple of m

Haiku Deck Launches, Brings Upstart Software To Us, On All Our Desktops

Presentation software startup HaikuDeck had a very specific aim at launch: build an app for creating slide decks on mobile that didn't suck. Now, the company has amassed 800,000 downloads since its la

Haiku Deck 2.0 Brings Charts, Graphs And Lists To Its Super Simple iPad Presentation Tool

Office for iPad is a long-standing rumor that frankly becomes less interesting to me with every day that passes, thanks in large part to great third-party apps like Haiku Deck that are stepping up to

Google Has Given Us The Gift Of One Click Access To Docs, Sheets And Slides…Oh My!

I use Google products for pretty much everything, including documents, spreadsheets (ew) and slide presentations (double ew). Now that these products are safely nestled under "Google Drive", they've

Ramping Up: Mary Meeker's Latest Mobile Trend Slides

<img src=""> Today, Kleiner Perkins partners <a href="">Mary Meeker</a> (the forme

Ultimate staircase features built-in slide

<img src="">Some people are dreamers while others are doers. London architect Alex Michaelis is a doer. He built his dream ho

SlideShare: Bore People Around the World

TechCrunch got a sneak peek at SlideShare, a PowerPoint sharing system that allows you to upload presentations and then show them on any web browser. Think of it as the YouTube of presentations, only