• Hands on with some Marware goods

    I don’t usually get excited over laptop sleeves as they’re all pretty much the same, but Marware’s Sportfolio sleeve was too cool to pass up. What makes it so special? Something about the Orca skin makes it uber soft to the touch and smooth. I also liked the top loading version they had. They had a sweet little iPod Nano case dubbed the Sidewinder that has a little slide-out… Read More

  • Flame Retardant Laptop Sleeves

    Here’s a product that makes sense. This corduroy sleeve from Wrappers not only protects your laptop from injury, it protects you from being injured by your laptop. The sleeve, you see, is fire retardant, which sadly isn’t the same thing as fire proof, but it’s a start. So if your laptop decides to burst into flames while bouncing along in your backpack, it just might prevent… Read More