sleek audio

  • Sleek Audio And 50 Cent Part Ways

    You might remember that Sleek Audio, purveyors of fine headphone goods, were teaming up with 50 cent to produce a new pair of wireless over-ears. Why not, right? All the other audio guys are teaming up with rappers, so they had to just to stay competitive. But the honeymoon’s over. Sleek Audio and G-Unit productions (Fitty’s licensing company) are quits. And the headphones? Read More

  • Sleek Audio shows off their SA7 in-ear monitors

    Don’t call them earbuds, at this price point they are considered to be in-ear monitors. The SA7 are the latest from Sleek Audio, and replace compliment the previous model, the SA6 that Devin reviewed. Read More

  • Sleek Audio outs the custom made CT6 earphones with Kleer wireless technology

    SSleek Audio is up’n its game with the CT6 earphones. These ‘phones not only feature the interchangeable wireless technology from Kleer that made the SA6 model so attractive, but are custom made just for your ear. (Read: they are a tad pricey.) Read More