• Dice Holdings Pays $20M Cash For Slashdot, SourceForge And Freecode From Geeknet

    Dice Holdings Pays $20M Cash For Slashdot, SourceForge And Freecode From Geeknet

    Some consolidation is afoot in online media: Dice Holdings, the career website owner, has bought the online media business of Geeknet, which includes the high-profile tech websites Slashdot, SourceForge and Freecode, paying $20 million in cash for the assets. The deal is bringing Dice a set of sites that are profitable and generating good revenues: the company tells me that they are on track for… Read More

  • CmdrTaco Leaves Slashdot

    CmdrTaco Leaves Slashdot

    If you have been, in any way, involved in the Internet in the past decade or so you’ll know the name CmdrTaco. His real name is Rob Malda and he started Slashdot, a news aggregation site and proto-blog in 1997 after building his own CMS in perl. Malda and his crew defined the early geekosphere and, back before behemoths like Gawker, Weblogs Inc, and, well us, roamed the Earth, the worst… Read More

  • Slashdot asks: can nerds date believers in astrology?

    [photopress:astrology_planet_chart.jpg,full,center] Over the weekend, my friend Jimbo and I had a pretty good conversation about hippies, and about my uncanny ability to get into fights with them every weekend. He pointed out that it’s likely because, as a man of reason and a trained engineer, if there’s a conflict, I find a mutually agreeable resolution based on principles of… Read More

  • Slashdot hates on Digg's 'tyrannical' user-driven model

    [photopress:sdigg.jpg,full,center] Slashdot used to be the place to go for tech news. I now go there because, while the news may be a little older than what you can find on blogs, the comments are usually a lot more informative—a more “elite” techie than the average blog reader, maybe. But Slashdot has been in a feud of sorts with Digg since the latter’s launch. Read More

  • Instantly Hooked on

    Three sites I use often are Digg, Slashdot and If you want to find out what’s hot right now on the Internet, those sites will tell you (although Memeorandum usually gets the news even before these sites). I saw a blurb on Programmable Web about, which launched yesterday. combines results from all three of those sites into one very clean interface. Read More

  • Digg is (almost) as big as Slashdot

    Digg continues to increase its traffic at an impressive rate, and is clearly set to overtake Slashdot within a month or so (thanks for the link Brian). The image, from one year traffic trend, shows Digg nearing Slashdot traffic levels after less than a year after launch. Slashdot is red, Digg is blue. Digg allows anyone to submit news stories, and other users vote on how important the news is. Read More