• ScottEVest Founder Puts In Bid For SkyMall

    ScottEVest Founder Puts In Bid For SkyMall

    It’s back! Venerable SkyMall, that inflight catalog full of stepping stools for dogs and hearing gadgets, may have a second life thanks to the larger-than-life CEO of ScottEVest, Scott Jordan. Jordan, who we interviewed at CES this year, is putting in a bid for the company and hopes to turn it around by bringing it into the 21st century. Read More

  • Buy The Junk We Refuse To Cover: Shop For Free From The Sky

    Gogo Inflight and SkyMall are teaming up to offer the junk that we refuse to cover or, if we do cover, we write about with tongue firmly in cheek. That’s right: next time you turn on your computer on AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Airways and United Airlines, you can access for free. Plus! Get this! If you spend $125 or more on a wine bottle chiller or… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20% off sitewide at

    Frontgate, purveyor of fine things for fine people who read SkyMall and similar publications, is offering 20% off on just about everything from now until 11/27/08. I’d suggest picking up the Megatouch Gametime (normally $2,995), the 15-inch Kitchen HDTV and Information Center (normally $499) and the NFL 2008 Vibrating Football Game (normally $79.50) to get you started. Oh, and of… Read More

  • TrueCall secures your landline against fraud – or you could just disconnect it

    I guess if you’ve still got a landline, you’re a primary target for fraudsters. After all, it’s the year 2008 and you have a landline. Fortunately, something that sounds like it’s out of a 2004 SkyMall catalog is coming to the rescue. The TrueCall device answers every call with an unknown number instantly and asks who it is. The person identifies themselves, then… Read More

  • Looks like we've made it after alllllll…

    In the gadget blogging business there is something we call the SkyMall Effect. This is the constant sense that after rewriting 50 press releases in a single day we begin to sound like copywriters for SkyMall, the magazine you find in airline seatbacks from here to Djibouti. When words like “ground-breaking,” “svelte,” and “sleek” enter your vocabulary, you… Read More

  • SkyMall selling hearing aid that looks like a Bluetooth headset

    I saw this in the SkyMall catalog a few days ago while flying and I thought it was ridiculous. I saw it again randomly on the Internet and decided you guys needed to see it. I’m like that. It’s a low-quality hearing aid disguised as a Bluetooth headset. But that’s not the interesting part. It’s being marketed as being a headset that will improve your image! Want to… Read More