• Record Skype Calls With CallBurner

    CallBurner is a new standalone Skype recording add-on from the Australian team behind Skylook. CallBurner uses the technology behind Skylook to deliver the same functionality as Skylook without the need to have Microsoft Outlook installed. The CallBurner client delivers professional recording in a simple interface, recording Skype calls direct to MP3 or to the WAV format for higher quality… Read More

  • Skype + Outlook = Skylook

    I first wrote about Australia-based Skylook back in August when they released v. 1.0. It’s a plugin for Outlook that ties Skype very nicely into email. They’ve continued to innovate to stay ahead of Skype’s own Outlook toolbar product. And while Skylook isn’t free, it has a number of great features, including presence (see who’s online from Outlook), integration… Read More

  • Profile – Skylook (for Skype)

    Company: Skylook
    Launched: July 27, 2005
    Location: Melbourne, Australia Overview: Outlook is cool. Skype is cool. Get a couple of Australians to bang them together and what do you get? Skylook. It skypefies Outlook and it’s awesome. Skype does already have a product for Outlook, which we profiled last month. Skylook is much more advanced and easy to use (although, unlike… Read More