Skyhook Wireless

Skyhook Wireless brings location services to wearables in a petite package

Skyhook Wireless has been working on location technology for longer than many of the biggest names in smartphones have been around. Today it launched a new SDK aimed at bringing location to wearables

Kayak Teams Up With Skyhook To Bring Reliable Location Services To Its Kindle Fire App

Amazon's Kindle Fire is one of the most popular Android-powered tablets, but it doesn't feature a GPS chip. Given how important location-based services have become, that's a bit of a drawback for many

By Way Of Lawsuit, The Location FUD Creeps Up On Android As Well

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In April, Apple Ditched Google And Skyhook In Favor Of Its Own Location Databases

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-201948" title="aaaab" src="" alt="" />As you're undoubtedly aware, location is one of the hottest fie

Run A Marathon… In Your Web Browser… No Moving Required

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Location Data Gets An Important New Layer: The Alcohol Layer

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SpotRank Is Skyhook's Intelligent Location Firehose. SimpleGeo Is The First To Wield.

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LoJack For Your Laptop

<img src="" /> It was only a matter of time before a location tracking app found its way into laptop security software. <a href

Broadcom and Skyhook Wireless Partner To Bring Wi-Fi Positioning To More Mobile Phones

<img src="" /> Some of the most compelling apps on the iPhone and upcoming Android phones take advantage of the GPS chips inside

MyLoki Lets You Tell the World That You Are Here

If you look at my Facebook page you might think that I’m still in Miami, although I returned from that trip two weeks ago. I simply forgot to change my location status back to New York City. The