Gillmor Gang: Deep Bench

The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — Heartbleed security hole, changing landscape of Twitter notifications, Brendan Eich's exit f

Gillmor Gang: Sign Language

The Gillmor Gang — Danny Sullivan, Robert Scoble, Kevin Marks, John Taschek, and Steve Gillmor — barely came out of the gates before John Taschek let Comcast have it, and really you need to see th

Microsoft Officially Rebrands SkyDrive To OneDrive

SkyDrive is dead, long live OneDrive. In January, Microsoft announced that it would rebrand its storage service to OneDrive following a trademark dispute with British pay-TV provider BSkyB. Starting t

Microsoft May Dole Out More Free Storage To Users In OneDrive Rebrand

Microsoft will soon rebrand its SkyDrive cloud storage service OneDrive. The OneDrive splash page currently reads “Coming Soon.” It now appears that there is more to the coming OneDrive ro

Microsoft Brings Automatic Camera Backup To SkyDrive On iOS

Today Microsoft updated its SkyDrive application for iOS to include automatic camera backup. Users of SkyDrive can now opt to have every photo that they shoot on their iPhone saved and stored in Micro

Microsoft Details SkyDrive’s Smart Files Feature, Prepares To Roll Out Bing-Powered OCR Search

One of the more interesting but relatively unknown features of Windows 8.1 is its deep integration with SkyDrive and Microsoft's <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft Introduces 200GB SkyDrive Storage Upgrade For $100 Per Year

With the launch of Windows 8.1 just around the corner, Microsoft today announced a new storage option for SkyDrive. The cloud storage service, which is now a built-in Windows 8.1 feature, now offers a

Microsoft Untethers OneNote For iPad From The PC, Now Lets Users Create New Notebooks On The Go

Microsoft's <a target="_blank" href="">OneNote</a> note-taking app for <a target="_blank" href="

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Adds Bing-Powered OCR Features

At its Build conference earlier this year, Microsoft launched its developer services for Bing, including the Bing <a target="_blank" href="">Optical Character Recognit

Microsoft Fires Back After Box Steps On Its Turf, Boosts SkyDrive Pro Storage To 25 GB

This is the real storage wars. Today Microsoft announced that it has increased the storage capacity of its SkyDrive Pro cloud document storage and syncing service to 25 gigabytes, from the formerly pr

Microsoft Will Rebrand SkyDrive After It Settles Trademark Case With Sky Broadcasting

British Sky Broadcasting Group and Microsoft today announced that they have settled the trademark infringement arguments in Europe that Sky brought against Microsoft in an English court. As a result o

UK’s BSkyB Wins Case Against Microsoft Over Use Of “SkyDrive” Name In Europe; May Have To Drop Name Or Pay Fines

<a target="_blank" href="">Microsoft</a> went <a target="_blank" href="">big on pushing cloud services</a> this week at its Build conference, but today it

Microsoft Finally Updates SkyDrive For iOS With iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Support, High-Res Photo Downloads & More

Microsoft just launched SkyDrive 3.0 for iOS, and it took the company quite a while to get the upgrade into the App Store. Rumor has it that there was a bit of back and forth between the two companie

Microsoft Is Currently Experiencing Hotmail, Outlook And SkyDrive Service Disruptions

As we reported last month, Microsoft decided to start migrating its old-school Hotmail users over to its shiny new Outlook service. That migration process might not be going so well, as users have flo

Edit Away, No Sign-In Needed With Microsoft SkyDrive And Office Web Apps

A <a target="_blank" href="">new feature</a> from Microsoft all

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Gets Improved Touch Support And Easier To Use Sharing Permissions

Microsoft just announced a number of updates to its SkyDrive cloud storage service. SkyDrive users can now, for example, get a better overview of who they shared documents with and who currently has a

Microsoft To Shut Down Live Mesh On February 13, 2013, Asks The Few Remaining Users To Move To SkyDrive

Live Mesh, which launched in beta all the way back in 2008, once looked poised to become Microsoft's main platform for cloud storage, file syncing, and remote access. At the time, though, Microsoft's

Microsoft Brings SkyDrive To Xbox 360 — Now Windows 8/Phone 8 Users Get To See Their Stuff On The Big Screen

Microsoft has joined up another piece of its Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 puzzle by launching a SkyDrive app for the Xbox 360 -- allowing users of its cloud storage service to view and access content via

Microsoft’s SkyDrive Gets New SDKs For .NET and Windows Phone 8, Integration With IFTTT, DocuSign and SoundGecko

Just about a year ago, SkyDrive launched a new set of APIs and, over the course of the last year, Microsoft's cloud strorage service also rolled out SDKs for virtually every major platform. Today, Mic

Microsoft: SkyDrive Usage Doubled In The Last 6 Months, Launches Updated Windows Phone 8 and Android Apps, Adds Selective Sync

Microsoft just <a target="_blank" href="">announced<
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