• Skooba Weekend Warrior Stores Your Notebook, Shoes

    I always travel with two pairs of shoes. It doesn’t matter even if I’m going somewhere for two days. I must have two pairs of shoes. I’ll forgo extra underwear for a second pair of shoes and socks. And so I can’t tell you how excited I was when I opened up an email from Skooba announcing the Weekend Warrior and saw the shoes off to the right. Probably a little much… Read More

  • Bag Week Reviews: Skooba Checkthrough Backpack

    Short Version: It’s a backpack with a window in it so the TSA people won’t hassle you at the security checkpoint. Given the high price and issues with the shoulder straps, I’d recommend caution if you are considering this bag. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Pre-orders for the Skooba Checkpoint TSA Checkpoint-Friendly available now at a discount

    Due to overwhelming demand, Skooba has opened the floodgates to the Checkpoint laptop bag that will make security lines a breeze. They’re still eight weeks out from shipping (early October), but they want you to pre-order now for $125.95 with free UPS ground shipping. To qualify for the 10 percent discount you have to submit your order by September 26th. You can download the pre-order… Read More

  • Photo of new checkpoint friendly bag

    More news on the approaching possibility of keeping your laptop in a case while breezing through airport security. Along with bag-maker Skooba Design’s “beautiful prototypes, patents and trademarks pending,” they also posted a photo of a new security-friendly laptop case prototype for the new line, and they expect to have models available in time for the back to… Read More

  • Skooba, Targus working on TSA-friendly gear bags

    Anyone that’s traveled with their laptop knows what a pain in the ass security is because you’re required to take out your laptop when going through the x-ray machine. I despise it and I travel quite often and it’s slowly becoming the bane of my existence. Maybe I’m being dramatic, but I think we can all agree that it’s an annoying process. Targus and Skooba… Read More