This candy sorting machine isn’t the hero the world wants but it’s the hero the world needs

War. Famine. Drought. Imagine Dragons. The world is full of horror and what better way to assuage that grief then by watching this M&M and Skittles sorting machine do its amazing work in real time

This Is The Automatic Skittles Sorter Apple Should Have Launched

Worst. Keynote. Ever. Amirite? Absolutely. If Apple had any smarts they would have released this 3D-printed automatic Skittles sorter. Instead we got a bunch of walled garden stuff we don’t need

Skittles' Colorful, Clearly Drug-Induced, Never-Ending Wacky Website

<img src="" width="215" height="150" />Say what you want about Skittles' branding on the Intern

UnHub Offers A Simple Way To Showcase The Online You

<img src="" width="215" height="115" />I'll say it right off the bat: there's a plethora of ways to bundle all your online identit

Skittles – Teeth-Rotting Evil Or Savvy Marketing? They Don't Care So Long As We Tweet About Them

<img src="" alt="" /> Whoever is running the digital marketing for the <a href="">Skittles</a> c