• There's more than one way to skin a Firefox

    TechCrunch reported on the Mozilla Labs Personas work, allowing you to theme your Firefox web browser. I share Robin’s opinion that Mozilla should maybe, just maybe, focus on making Firefox a kick ass web browser, and leave the doodads and geegaws for other folks. Enter Brand Thunder, a company in Columbus, OH looking to “offer companies a compelling, patent-pending solution… Read More

  • Sidekick Gecco will actually be named Sidekick 2008?

    Word on the street is, and by street I mean Cellphone Signal, that the Sidekick Gekko/Gecco has been officially dubbed the Sidekick 2008. Hiptop3 points out that this should be a red flag considering it’s July of 2008. If you’re familiar with Sidekicks then you know that the back of the swivel screen clearly states what model it is and according to the last thumbnail it just… Read More

  • App-specific, Apple-specific, colorful keyboard skins

    These rubber skins fit snugly on your keyboard and have all the app-specific stuff printed right on. It’s questionable whether the things are that useful, although they most certainly are cool. After all, if you have already learned the shortcuts in Aperture or Photoshop that you use the most, you don’t need the skin. And if you haven’t learned them, then once you do… Read More

  • MyTouchKeys: Super haptic iPhone feedback! Made out of clear plastic!

    MyTouchKeys is a clear plastic sticker that adds tactile feedback to your iPhone by — wait for it — putting a hole over each of the keyboard keys. While this experience can be replicated by placing gobs of dried earwax or mucous on each of the tiny keys, it is clear that a piece of plastic is a far superior solution. Now, however, I have to clean my damn iPhone. Read More

  • Guitar Hero guitar decals

    Product Name: Guitar Hero Guitar Skins
    Description: You can customize your fake axe with these decals.
    Price: Probably around $20
    Site: RedBeard
    Why it’s cool: All the coolest rockers have custom guitars, why shouldn’t you? You’ll probably be able to print your own ones soon. Read More

  • BodyGuardz For Your iPhone

    I’m not sure how many of you are overzealous about your gadgets like me, but if I were to actually own an iPhone, chances are I’d invest in some protective wear for my precious. Just to show you how dorky I am about my gear I’ll tell you what’s on the screen of my Sidekick 3. Packing tape. It fits perfectly onto the screen and I only have to trim the corners. I’m… Read More

  • Reef Babes On All Your Gadgets

    Reef is an innovative company in the world of flip-flops and now they’re getting into the Skins business. Yeah, I know, it’s 2007, but people are always looking for the hottest skins out there and these are it. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want Miss Reef May on your Macbook because I’d have to call you a dirty liar and then slap you. Skins are available for a wide… Read More

  • Make the Cute iPod Cuter

    There are a gazillion tons (metric) of iPod cases, and they’re pretty generic for the most part. A case has to have something special for us to even put our drink down long enough to give it a look. That being said, we like these Cut & Paste Boomwave creature skins for the Nano. Not only does it protect your DAP, but it also turns it into an adorable thing of some sort, we’re… Read More

  • Imitation Is King: iPhone Skins Appear For WM 5.0, Palm OS

    Looks like people are already attempting to imitate the iPhone. A Windows Mobile skin that resembles the iPhone’s interface has been released but quickly taken down thanks to Apple’s crack team of lawyers. There’s also a version for the Palm OS that’s still up, but you better grab it quickly before it gets pulled. You can score it here. Apple Bullies Bloggers, Again… Read More

  • Nintendo Wii Goes Old School

    If you’re sick of every electronic device you own being white, take a look at this new original NES skin for Nintendo Wii. The NES skin covers both sides of the Wii, provides a scratch-resistant glossy finish and won’t leave any nasty marks when removed. Seeing as how the front panel reads “Revolution,” someone at Decal Girl is a lot like the rest of us, and prefers… Read More

  • NBA, Jabra, and T-Mobile Shoot Hoops Together

    A lot of people are REALLY into their sports. Sports are your personal way of showing off the pride and compassion you have for your hometown. So if you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset and love basketball, then you’re in luck! T-Mobile is offering a new promotion along with the NBA where subscribers purchasing the Jabra BT 160 Bluetooth headset, can customize it with the logo… Read More