See Tickets says hackers accessed customers’ payment data — again

Global ticketing giant See Tickets has disclosed a data breach affecting customers’ credit card information for the second time in the past 12 months. See Tickets, owned by Vivendi Ticketing, confir

Meet the Magecart hackers, a persistent credit card skimmer group of groups you’ve never heard of

There have been few hacker groups that have been responsible for as many headlines this year as Magecart. You might not know the name, but you probably haven’t missed their work — highly targ

This New Card Skimmer Is Almost As Thin As A Credit Card

Good old Brian Krebs has the scoop on a new card skimmer found in Europe. How is it different? It literally fits right into the card slot of any ATM, essentially allowing unfettered access to cards as

Four Indicted For Installing Undetectable Card Skimmers Inside Gas Pumps

The New York County District Attorney announced that the NYPD arrested four men on March 21, 2013 suspected of using concealed card skimming systems to grab card numbers and PINs from hundreds of vict

New Card Skimmer Attaches To A Real POS Card Reader Like A Nasty Succubus

<a target="_blank" href="">Brian Krebs</a> has found a fascinating example of a card skimmer - essentially a machine that