• ZBoard is an electric skateboard that doesn’t need a controller

    There’s no arguing that electric skateboards aren’t efficient and fun. But most modern electric skateboards like the Boosted Board and InBoard M1 are operated by hand-held controllers that connect to the board via Bluetooth. But ZBoard, a Los-Angeles based startup, focuses on boards that eschew a controller and can be operated by sensors in the board itself. We last looked at… Read More

  • Tony Hawk: RIDE priced and dated

    Gamestop just announced that Tony Hawk: RIDE is set to drop on October 13, 2009 for $119. Why so much you ask? Only because it comes with a plastic skateboard game controller. Hopefully the aftermarket industry will upgrade this controller like they did with plastic guitars and release a realistic wooden board for us to do faux grinds and ollies on. Read More

  • Guilded Age: Next Tony Hawk to use motion-sensing skateboard controller?

    Flickr’d Could the next Tony Hawk game (they still make those?) use a new controller? Like, maybe! Apparently Activision is toying with the idea of using a motion skateboard-like motion-sensitive controller for the next 360/PS3/PC game, which could be titled Amplitude, Adrenaline or Huck Jam. Yuck Jam is more like it, right?! I guess now that Wii Fit has single-handidly solved… Read More

  • Magic Wheel is like a broken bike skateboard thing

    I…don’t get it. That doesn’t matter, though, because I bet we’ll start seeing these things all over the place. It’s called the “Magic Wheel” and it appears to basically be a bike wheel with a smaller rotating caster wheel attached to it. The top of the bike wheel features a seat of some type that looks like it wedges right into your ass. Now… Read More

  • Skateboard Like A MotoGP Racer

    Garry Chang’s latest creation is a skateboard that oddly enough reminds me of a motorcycle. Huh? Wha?! The Curve Extreme Sport ditches two wheels and goes for a more streamlined approach that allows the skater to take turns at higher speeds thanks to the two wheels that are centrally located on the front and back. The wheels are essentially motorcycle/bicycle tires that are tapered at… Read More