Vive Studios releases MakeVR Pro 3D modeling software for serious creatives

In the world of high-end virtual reality, the battle is to capture the larger subset of a niche market. For HTC, which makes the Vive headset, this task has become more difficult as significant price

Rumor: Oculus Will Unveil A Handheld Virtual Reality Controller [Update: Not Yet, But Coming]

Oculus‘ headset lets you look around virtual reality but requires integrations with unofficial controllers to move an avatar, fire weapons, or input other commands. But at tomorrow’s Oculu

The Sixense STEM Brings Your Hands And Feet Into Virtual Reality

Oh, you thought virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift were <em>already</em> cool? The folks at Sixense are trying to take it to a whole new level, with a set of motion tracking controllers tha

Motus, A Real-Life-3D Camera Hybrid System

<img src="" />That headline makes it sound a little sexier than it is, but this system is pretty cool. It's actually an application of th