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Liveblogging the Facebook Developer Conference

The TechCrunch team is on site at the Facebook Developer conference, and we’ll be live blogging the news. Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote starts at 1:30 pm PST. Facebook’s press release is

Technorati Launches Blog Ad Network, Technorati Media

Blog-focused advertising networks are all the rage right now, with both Federated Media and Glam pulling down big valuation financing rounds in the last few months based on very early growth metrics.

Six Apart Introduces BlogIt For iPhone

Six Apart has introduced an iPhone version of their BlogIt software, which allows users to quickly post updates to their blogs, Twitter, Pownce, FriendFeed, Jaiku, and Facebook. The current version of

TypePad AntiSpam, A New Open Source Comment Spam Fighter

Blogging infrastructure company Six Apart is launching a new free open source product this morning into beta called TypePad AntiSpam. While the product is new, the technology behind it has been used b

Ex-eBay/Skype Execs Let You Share Stories With Tokoni

Feel like sharing? Two ex-Ebay/Skype execs have created Tokoni, a social story sharing site that they hope will become the web’s virtual “front porch”. The site, which quietly launch

LightPole's Geotagging Comes to Movable Type

Six Apart, creator of the blogging platform Movable Type, has partnered with LightPole, a mobile application provider. The two companies have co-developed a plugin for Movable Type that will allow blo

Six Apart Launches Ad Network, Moves Into Services

Six apart is launching an advertising network for blogs and will begin offering professional services (design, implementation, development, optimization) after acquiring New York based creative agency

Who Did Six Apart Acquire?

San Francisco-based blogging startup Six Apart has made a significant acquisition, we heard today from someone with knowledge of the deal. “Significant” in the sense of a possible strategi

TypePad Introduces Blog Design For Dummies

Six Apart just made designing a blog layout so easy that even a dummy like me can do it. On its TypePad service, it added a few more themes to bring the total up to: “100 themes, over 1000 profe

YouPorn, We're Coming Up Behind You

Now that I have your attention, Compete has released a list of the fastest-growing (and fastest-declining) sites of 2007. Some of the fastest growers include Veoh, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Six A

Movable Type Finally Goes Open-Source

Although it’s been long-expected, Six Apart finally transitioned its Movable Type blogging software to an open-source license today. In many ways this is a response to the success of WordPress,

Social Site Rankings (September, 2007)

Did you know that Imeem is the fastest-growing social site in the U.S (up 1,590 percent in monthly uniques). And that AIM Pages is growing slightly faster than Digg (345 percent growth versus 323 perc

Widgetbox Remote Gallery: An Open Platform For Widgets

Widgetbox have announced the wide-spread adoption of its new Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature which eases the transition to an open platform for social networks. The Widgetbox Remote Gallery feature e