• Eleven-Year-Old Worth1000 Faces Shutdown After Founder Fails To Find A Programmer

    Eleven-Year-Old Worth1000 Faces Shutdown After Founder Fails To Find A Programmer

    In the pantheon of web-famousness, Worth1000 is up there with Fark and SomethingAwful when it comes to popular image sharing sites. With little of the crassness of 4chan, Worth1000 allowed users to compete against each other in Photoshop contests where they modified photos to match a theme. Read More

  • Gets An Update In Time for Biking Season is a service that maps the best bike routes in New York. You add a starting point and an end point and the service finds dedicated bike lanes, greenways, and other “safe” routes for you to take on your two-wheeler through the mean streets of the city. We’ve just been given permission to let you folks beat up their latest incarnation, RidetheCity 2.0 with a… Read More

  • Offworld: BoingBoing's new gaming site shows promise, potential, a certain moxie

    BoingBoing just launched Offworld, a BB branded gaming site led by Brandon Boyer, former Gamasutra editor. The content so far is the typical mix of intelligence, wit, and piss/vinegar expected of any member of the BB family and I’m glad to invite them into my RSS reader in the cherished space next to and Read More

  • NDABreaker: Republishing embargoed press releases so we don't have to

    Uh oh. Here comes a new site that promises all sorts of shenanigans for all you non-journos out there. It seems to be an anonymous site posting NDA press releases verbatim. How dangerous is it? Watch out PR chicks
    I’m coming for you like Ken Sander. If you don’t know who Ken Sander is check out some back issues of Penthouse. Let’s just say the guy doesn’t need help… Read More

  • What is Buzz My Goat?

    [photopress:goatbuzz.jpg,full,center] I’m holding off judgement on Buzz My Goat. Sure it’s a silly name, but you’ll remember it. The site’s basic premise is that it’s a way to send your friends video greeting cards. And it’s not free: most cost between $2 and $3 to send. Why anyone would pay for this when YouTube and many others are free, I do not… Read More

  • Did you know? There are energy drink review sites! Lots!

    [photopress:energy2.jpg,full,center] Geeks like energy drinks. It could be said that the fad started in the early 90s with the famous Jolt Cola, which was consumed primarily as an alternative to coffee for all-night D&D campaigns. Yes, I was there. Later, the caffeine content of Mountain Dew was upped, and it became the staple of late-night coding sessions. One famous computer worm, the… Read More

  • Best Website Ever:

    . We baby-proofed the house with these magnetic child locks that use a huge magnet to open an internal release. I picked up the magnet then grabbed my aluminum PowerBook G4 12-inch. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I had picked up the laptop and the magnet in the same hand. I heard a delightful crunch and the hard drive started gurgling. Oops. Read More

  • OriginalSignal: Gadget Sites Galore

    I spoke with Tako Steinz of Stillpoint Media who just launched Gadgets.OriginalSignal, a beta aggregator for gadget websites. Right now it trolls fifteen major sites – including Crunchgear – and reports when new items appear every time you visit the page. Think of it as a NASA “big-board” style system that isn’t NetVibes. Tako and his 5-person team wanted a very… Read More