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Gremlin can now automatically find common reliability issues

Gremlin, the reliability testing startup best known for its chaos engineering tools, today announced the launch of its Detected Risks feature. With this, Gremlin can now automatically identify high-pr

Forward Networks raises $50M for digital twin technology to help model, manage and secure complex enterprise networks

Digital twins — virtual representations of actual systems — have become an important component in how engineers and analysts build, visualize and operate AI projects, network security and

FireHydrant announces $23M Series B to grow disaster management platform

No matter how carefully you set up your systems, sooner or later something fundamental breaks. How you react during those times and how quickly you respond to the crisis is what people remember after

StackPulse announces $28M investment to help developers manage outages

When a system outage happens, chaos can ensue as the team tries to figure out what’s happening and how to fix it. StackPulse, a new startup that wants to help developers manage these crisis situ

Are site reliability engineers the next data scientists?

It’s no secret that "data scientist" is one of the hottest job titles going. DJ Patil famously proclaimed data scientist “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century" before moving on to join the White Ho