Indie Music Agency Merlin Scores Another Settlement: $1.6 Million From Sirius

On the heels of a payout from the owners of P2P filesharing site Limewire, another claim finally settled for Merlin, the group that represents independent music labels in licensing negotiations and le

Former Sirius CEO Joseph Clayton Takes Over The Reins From Ergen At DISH

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Satellite TV and video-on-demand company <a href="">DISH Network</a>

Thumbplay Rocks 500,000 Downloads For Paid Music Apps Across iPhone, Android, And Blackberry

<img src=""> Who says nobody will consider paying for streaming music? <a href="">Thumbplay Music<

Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer lets you take internet radio away from the computer

<img src="" />Grace Digital Audio announced their latest creation today, the Allegro Portable Wireless Radio & Streamer. The Allegro

Niveus Media has a Sirius plugin for Windows Media Center. Maybe it's good?

<img src="" />So I was all prepared to give Niveus Media's new Sirius XM Windows Media Center plugin a try. (As I found out during a meet

The first interoperable Sirius XM is the MiRGE (plus bonus O&A photos)

<img src="" /> Sirius XM have finally <a HREF="">showed off</a> its first

Satellite radio in 2008: What a year!

What happens to satellite radio when Howard Stern calls it quits?

Flickr’d Sirius’ Howard Stern made a strange comment yesterday that’s causing people to freak out, speculating wildly till they pass out. Discussing his possible plans vis-à-vis [sa

And what do we think about the new Sirius lineup?

Here’s the Sirius lineup for you, to go with the XM lineup we wrote about earlier today. I’m not as familiar with Sirius as am I with XM (being an Opie and Anthony fan and all), but I do l

Howard Stern slotted to make XM debut tomorrow: Still on channel 100

If we’re to believe the latest XM Signal Guide (a weekly newsletter it uses to promote all sorts of XM-related fun), XM listeners may well be able to hear Howard Stern as early as tomorrow. The

Post-merger, what happens to Opie and Anthony?

Following the approval [PDF] of the XM-Sirius merger (read: buyout), we can now focus on some of the specifics of the deal, fallout, and all sorts of post-merger hysterics. The first order of business

FCC to approve XM-Sirius merger

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the XM-Sirius merger has been given the tentative OK by the FCC. Deborah Taylor Tate, the final FCC commissioner to cast a vote, is expected to vote in favor

XM-Sirius merger approval now down to single vote

Today was a big day vis-à-vis the XM-Sirius merger, as Johnathan Adelstein, the FCC commissioner who wanted to place all those restrictions on the merger in exchange for his support, has officially w

Completely unexpected: More restrictions could jeopardize XM-Sirius merger

Oh for the love of God, now what? Surely by now you’ve heard about the long-delayed (to put it mildly) XM-Sirius merger, which is really more of a Sirius buyout of XM, but let’s not nuance

XM-Sirius merger could wrap up by end of July

Believe it or not, the XM-Sirius merger could be finalized “any day now.” Cowen & Company, a high-profile investment bank, says the merger “is finally at hand and should occur by the end of

Listen to XM radio on your iPhone with uXM

Ron and Fez, noon to 3pm This is pretty cool, and I hate damn near everything. It’s an application for jailbroken iPhones (and iPod touches) called uXM that lets you listen to XM Satellite Radio

XM, Sirius will have positive cash flow next year (if they merge!)

We’ll all be dead before XM and Sirius merge, but the two companies would like the whole wide world (or whoever reads PR Newswire) to know how they think they’ll end up financially once th

FCC chairman Kevin Martin now supports XM-Sirius merger!

It looks like Kevin Martin of the FCC is now supporting the XM-Sirius merger. I think my brain just exploded a little bit. Yes, 16 months after initially proposing the merger (and three months after t

Could politics be holding up the XM-Sirius merger, now 450 days later?

Flickr’d “But if the FCC will no longer approve mergers without Congressional blessing, why does it even need to exist?” So asks the Wall Street Journal, and so ask the good boys and

FCC: XM-Sirius merger action 'soon'

We’re all waiting on this guy The FCC “will hopefully be able to do something on it soon.” “It” is the proposed XM-Sirius merger, while “soon” means whatever
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