Apple Watch will soon let you talk to Siri to use your apps

The next version of Apple Watch’s software will let you talk to Siri via your smartwatch in order to interact with third-party applications, according to new developer documentation from Apple r

Voice recognition technology is expediting the race to frictionless retail

You’re a sales associate at a big-box retailer and a customer just asked whether the latest iPhone 7 is in stock. You proceed to ask your colleague, Stuart, the same question, and he tells you the p

Apple shows off the first Siri-powered apps arriving in iOS 10

Today, Apple is previewing of some of the first apps that will integrate with Siri in the upcoming release of iOS 10. Announced at WWDC earlier this year, one of the biggest changes in Apple’

Your iOS 10 notifications will be a lot more useful and relevant. And gifs!

At its Worldwide Developer Conference this week, Apple is releasing a bunch of updates to notifications and the way that developers are able to present them to the user in iOS 10. They’re about to g