• More info on banned iPhone VoIP app sipgate

    Sipgate CEO Thilo Salmon just sent this hot tip regarding the ban his company’s app. T-Mobile, Apple’s exclusive partner in Germany, has ceased and desisted
    sipgate (in this case the German body of the sipgate group) for the
    allegedly deceptive advertising of our free SIP client for the iPhone. We
    had labeled it as “beta” and according to T-Mobile, this hides the fact,
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  • German court bans iPhone VoIP app Sipgate

    Good luck trying to use VoIP app Sipgate on your iPhone in Germany, since a court there just effectively banned it. T-Mobile, which is Germany’s exclusive iPhone provider, had argued in court that the application encourages users to jailbreak their iPhone. By jailbreaking the iPhone, users would be violating T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, apparently punishable under pain of… Read More