• Maybe There is Hope for Silicon Valley (and the World) After All

    Living in Silicon Valley, one gets used to meeting people who are optimistic and who talk about changing the world. But as I lamented in this piece about the Valley’s obsession with Facebook and Twitter apps, most of its entrepreneurs either think too small or are focused on the wrong things. So, even though I am enthusiastic about its ability to take risks and innovate, I’ve… Read More

  • Google backs school that supports ‘smarter than human’ machines theory

    Is Google trying to alienate people here? Last week’s freakout certainly didn’t win it any new fans, and today there’s news that it’s helping to “back,” whatever that means, a new school whose director is a proponent of singularity theory. That is to say the director believes that, one day, machines will become smarter than humans. Please, machines smarter… Read More

  • E3 2008: Singularity teaser trailer from Activision, Raven No clue what this game is about, but it looks interesting. Read More

  • Telekinetic monkeys and revolutionary prehensile prosthetics The brain-machine interface is one of the next major steps in technology. I had the privilege to study Neuroscience at UCLA and can say with certainty that we’re nowhere near a practical application for a number of reasons, but the amount of brainpower being devoted to the subject is so great that we’re making… Read More