Remembering the startups we lost in 2019

All manner of startups fail for all manner of reasons. But there’s one constant: this is an incredibly difficult business. Launching a successful company isn’t just a matter of drive and finding t

Movie subscription service Sinemia is ending US operations

Over the past few months, Sinemia has gone from promising MoviePass competitor to the source of frustration for moviegoers across the country. After rumors surfaced earlier this week that it would be

Sinemia faces consumer pushback and a class action suit over a battery of complaints

When Sinemia first came across our radar, the company was happily riding the wave of anti-MoviePass publicity. With its chief competition in the midst of what looked to be a historic collapse, Sinemia

Sinemia says canceled accounts are defense against subscriber misuse

Every time we publish a story about MoviePass competitor Sinemia, a funny thing happens: our Twitter mentions explode. Seriously, follow the reactions to this post and see for yourself. A number of fo

Sinemia’s new plan offers movie ticket discounts without a subscription

The world of movie ticket services has been undergoing quite an upheaval over the past year. Yesterday, MoviePass announced a strategic “refocus.” Today’s Sinemia news is decidedly less dramatic

Sinemia drops ticket subscription prices, adds rollover feature

Sinemia’s ticket plans change about as often as box office receipts — but at least they appear to be a bit of good news for customers. The movie subscription service, which has made a name for its

Sinemia brings back physical debit cards for in-person, fee-free tickets

Sinemia announced this morning the return of its physical debit card for in-person movie ticket sales, by “popular customer demand.” The MoviePass competitor dropped the feature back in May, but t

Sinemia adds a weekday-only movie plan

As we head into the holiday movie-going season, the theater ticket subscription wars (or what’s left of them) are set to heat up once again. Sinemia, which has recently emerged as the top contender

Sinemia’s new service lets theaters create custom subscriptions

As MoviePass continues to fumble, Sinemia just keeps on rolling. This morning, the movie ticket subscription service announced one of it its most compelling offerings to date. In addition to all of i

MoviePass competitor Sinemia launches unlimited plan

It’s been a rough few months for MoviePass. But every time the movie subscription service has faltered, one company has been there to pick up the pieces. Sinemia has done a solid job benefiting from

Sinemia takes aim at MoviePass again, with new $9.99 plan

Sinemia continues its campaign to take advantage of MoviePass’s high-profile struggles and win over the better-known movie ticket subscription service’s customers. Today, it announced a ne

Sinemia drops prices for its movie ticket subscriptions, which now start a $3.99 per month

MoviePass competitor Sinemia is lowering prices on the already low-cost movie ticket subscription plans that it introduced earlier this year. Its monthly prices are being cut by $1 across-the-board. T

MoviePass competitor Sinemia intros family plans starting at $9

A day after MoviePass announced upcoming surge pricing, Sinemia is introducing a new deal group deal for families. The plans start at $9 a month for one movie for two people and goes up considerably f

Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor, launches cardless ticketing

Sinemia is further differentiating itself from its main competitor, MoviePass. The moviegoing startup is launching a new feature today that gets rid of the need for people to have a physical card in o

MoviePass competitor Sinemia can’t keep up with demand

A number of people are complaining about Sinemia not delivering them their movie membership cards within the seven-day timeframe the company said it would. Although Sinemia has charged people for thei

MoviePass competitor Sinemia launches $4.99 per month subscriptions

Sinemia, a MoviePass competitor that launched four years ago in Europe, has introduced some super-duper low-cost plans for seeing movies in theaters. Here’s the breakdown: $4.99 per month: one t