• Toyota TeenDrive365 Oculus Rift Demo

    Toyota’s Oculus Rift-Based Distracted Driving Simulator Perfectly Parrots Annoying Friends

    The education potential of VR and the Oculus Rift is already well-established, but this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Toyota showed off TeenDrive365, a driver education simulation to teach new drivers about the risks of distracted driving. The simulator puts drivers in the cockpit of a Toyota vehicle, in a fully immersive virtual environment that includes… Read More

  • Video: The craziest simulator in the world

    It’s Friday, and that means only one thing: stupid videos, and lots of them. So, allow me to oblige. This here is a video found on a Brazilian Web site showing “the craziest simulator in the world.” Quite. Read More

  • Doctors learning how to operate using robots

    You probably haven’t heard about the Da Vinci surgical robot, but it’s been out for a little while. I had the chance to see it last year (and even try it out a little bit) and it’s an amazing piece of machinery. It’s also extremely expensive and in high demand, so it’s difficult for doctors to find time to train in it’s use. Read More

  • The F1Showcar simulator is kind of cool

    I don’t know how I feel about this $44,990 F1 simulator. Read More

  • British researchers develop a realistic motorbike game … I mean simulator

    British researchers have developed a motorcycle simulator to help improve road safety. They also hope that it will lead to advances in bike design. The simulator works by mounting a Triumph motorbike to a moving platform. Then the platform is linked to the simulation software that projects scenarios onto screens that are behind and in front of the rider. “The motorcycle allows riders… Read More

  • For The Price Of An Actual Kia, You Can Pretend To Drive One

    Check it. Above is a picture of the Home Pro Racing Simulator. For the exorbitant price of $3999, you get that sweet chair with all the fixings, a 1000-watt 5.1 Dolby sound system, and a steering wheel. Nope, that TV doesn’t come with it, so be prepared to bring your own. You’d think for a price like $4,000, you’d get at least some kind of cheap, no-name 42-inch plasma with it. Read More