Snow’s avatar app Zepeto registers 150M users, eyes China market

Some of you may recall the South Korean app Zepeto that went viral among Gen Z users a year and a half ago. The app, which renders selfies into animated avatars and lets people adorn their computer-ge

Twilio ramps up mobile play with programmable SIMs for IoT and handsets with T-Mobile

Twilio stormed into the telecoms market several years ago with a set of services that turned core communications features once controlled by carriers, like text messages and phones numbers, into API-

Sims 3 slowly making its way to consoles later this year

<img class="left" src="" alt="" />What’s the big holdup here? Apparently the latest version of real-life simulator, <em>The Sims 3</

CrunchDeals: Sims 3 for $30

<img src="" alt="Sims 3" />Whether you love the Sims franchise or not, the PC version is $30 (today only). That's $10 off just about everywhere

Alice and Kev, the homeless Sims

In what may be one of the most heart-breaking Sims-related experiments in a long time, Robin Burkinshaw created two Sims, Kev and his daughter Alice. They live in a house that looks like a park and li

Review: The Sims 3 for iPhone

I own a first-generation iPod Touch and a T-Mobile G1. While I love my G1 as a phone, I’m constantly amazed at the quality of applications and software that are available for the iPhone —

MAMroam V2: More roaming, more data

The inimitable Pat Phelan has just announced MAXroam v2, an upgrade and improved version of his popular MAXroam SIM. The service now offers more roaming options along with data plans. From his blog: D

Gemini eXplo: A Tiny, Little Phone-based Sim

What do you get when you meld Second Life with mobile ad serving with Japanese teenagers? eXplo. Read the rest at MobileCrunch…