The new Simpson theme in pictures

<img src="">The Simpsons <a href="">made the switch to

The Simpsons goes HD, gets a flat screen

<img src="">We knew this <a href="">

Simpsons switching to high definition for season 20 premiere

<img src=""><em>The Simpsons</em> has been a staple in many homes for nearly 20 years and finally, <em>finally</em>, th

Simpsons get a ‘Mapple’ store with MyPods, a Brainiac Bar, MyCubes, and announcements from Steve Mobs

[youtube] Here’s the Simpsons’ take on Apple – the basic premise being that the Springfield Mall gets a “Mapple” store and eve

Why is Hulu more valued by advertisers than YouTube?

[youtube] Something’s wrong with YouTube, and it looks like Hulu stands to benefit. YouTube, as you’re all painfully aware,

Simpsons ride opens at Universal Studios Hollywood

A new Simpsons-themed ride opened at Universal Studios in Hollywood on Monday and travel site seems to indicate that it’s a worthwhile stop on your list of things to do if you’

It's about time: Duff and Flaming Moe energy drinks

At Flaaay-ming Moe’s (let’s all go to Flaming Moe’s) — Hot damn, here’s a pair of Simpsons-themed energy drinks. One’s a Duff can, one’s a Flaming Moe’s

Japanese Simpsons Game commercial is FUN FUN

[youtube] This official YouTube video from Electronic Arts features a commercial for the Japanese version of The Simpsons Game. It features the lo

Simpsons game developers say Rockstar 'spazzed out'

Geek fight! Apparently some people at Rockstar (the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series) “spazzed out like little babies” at a parody in the new Simpsons game where Bart wants to pl

Dude Rants About AT&T's Shoddy Service: What If It Ran Our Highwayszomg?

LOL! That’s the only thing I can type, let alone say, after reading this delightful little piece envisioning a world in which AT&T ran the highways. You know, the real highways for cars, not

World Of Warcraft Gets Simpsonized

[youtube] Found this on a random, late-night YouTube journey. It’s eight minutes of dorked out laughs with that Simpsons touch of humor. Marge and Bart

Simpsonsizing The Xbox 360

Just as we got done telling you about the new Simpsons game due out this year, Microsoft goes and spills the beans on a new limited-edition 360 due out this summer. This banana-yellow Simpsons 360 is

Fox Sues the Little Guy Over Simpsons and 24

on YouTube and did what any self-respecting media company would do these days—it sued. But they’re not suing YouTube. They’re subpoenaing the company to release the name of the offen

Samsung Simpsons Phones: Little, Yellow, Different

We got a chance to see the Simpsons phones in the wild. It’s all clamshell all the time over there with an A717 for Cingular, an M500 for Sprint, and a U740 for Verizon ensconced in glass cases