• SimplyHired's Traffic Soars: But Is It Real?

    For those of us who pay attention to these things, the recent rise in SimplyHired’s traffic on Compete and Alexa was noteworthy. Since April, both services show a dramatic rise in traffic – see chart to right, click for larger view). And more importantly, they show SimplyHired overtaking competitor Indeed, even though they have historically trailed them in reach and… Read More

  • Google In Talks To Acquire SimplyHired

    Rumors surfaced today that Google is in discussions to acquire job search engine Simply Hired. Trip Chowdry, a research analyst at Global Equity Research first spoke about it, and the story was then picked up by Alarm:Clock. I spoke with Simply Hired president Dion Lim, who confirmed that there is “lots of interest in us” from a number of parties but would not comment directly on… Read More

  • The Job Board Bubble

    The world has changed since I wrote about the need for a decentralized job board service last August. Just not quite in the way I had hoped. Job Boards are the product du jour of tech blogs. We have one, and countless others have sprung up as well. The idea is that the best candidates read these blogs, and by definition are up to speed on cutting edge tech issues. By advertising there, you get… Read More

  • Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    NYC-based, a niche search engine, has announced a partnership to power Mamma Careers. I’ll be the first to admit, this specific instance isn’t big news, but they are on a partnering spree, alongside their primary competitor, SimplyHired. SimplyHired powers MySpace Jobs, as well as LinkedIn Jobs (to name a couple). Both Indeed and SimplyHired are securing as many… Read More

  • Simply Hired, Now for Senior Gay Mothers Who Love Dogs & the Environment

    Simply Hired, which is partially funded by Fox Interactive, is a great job search engine that continues to do well against arch-rival, which is backed by the New York Times. On Monday Simply Hired will announced another specialty search engine, this time for 50+ year olds. This adds already existing search engines for dog, mother, environmental and sexual orientation friendly… Read More

  • Simplyhired launches GLBT friendly job search

    In honor of National Gay and Lesbian Month, the online job search service SimplyHired has launched a GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered) friendly job search feature. The new filter searches within companies given a perfect score for GLBT friendly policies by The Human Rights Campaign. SimplyHired points out that there is no US federal policy prohibiting employment discrimination on… Read More

  • MySpace Careers Launches Sunday Night

    The investment that Simply Hired took from Fox Interactive seems to be paying dividends already. Tonight at 9 pm PST MySpace, a subsidiary of Fox Interactive, will unveil MySpace Careers, a new job site on MySpace powered by Simply Hired. This is interesting news mostly because of the massive traffic that the MySpace home page drives – and the new site has a link on that Myspace home page. Read More

  • Simply Hired Takes $13.5m from Fox and Foundation Capital

    Simply Hired (TechCrunch profile) has raised $13.5 million from New Corp’s Fox Interactive group and Foundation Capital. Both investors will take board seats in the company. This is big news for Simply Hired. The Fox investment almost certainly signals that Fox’s other properties, including MySpace, could have a very close relationship with Simply Hired in the near future. And… Read More

  • Profile – Simply Hired

    Company: SimplyHired
    Founded: 2003
    Launched: March 16, 2005
    Location: Mountain View, CA What is it? Yes, we have been infatuated with jobs sites these last couple of days. Trust me, there’s more to come. This space is moving and we fully intend to jump on the train. Or in front of it. Hope to have a profiel of YorZ up later today as well.

    Simply Hired is a vertical search engine for… Read More