• It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: SimpleGeo And Urban Airship Partner Up For Location Notifications

    It’s Dangerous To Go Alone: SimpleGeo And Urban Airship Partner Up For Location Notifications

    Over the past couple of years, push notifications have become a vital part of the mobile picture. There are so many apps, and so much that you can do on smartphones, that you need a system to alert you when something comes up that you’ll want to know about. But these notifications are still not a particularly easy thing for developers to wrap their heads around and implement. Read More

  • SimpleGeo Outsources Its Places Database To Factual

    In the quest for a unified database of places, geo-location startup Factual is making big strides. Today it is announcing a major partnership with SimpleGeo to maintain and power its places database, which up until now has offered a competing database of places in the eyes of developers. The merged database will have 30 million places, and be maintained and updated by Factual. Developers will… Read More

  • SimpleGeo Launching 'Storage': A Distributed Hosted Database For Location Data

    The story of SimpleGeo is a familiar one: two founders — Matt Galligan and Joe Stump — set off to create location-based games, only to find that the tools they wanted to use to build their apps didn’t exist yet. So they switched gears and decided to build what they wished they had: a suite of tools optimized for the creation of location-based services (which was probably a… Read More

  • Twitter Will Shut Off GeoAPI To Developers

    Twitter Will Shut Off GeoAPI To Developers

    When Twitter bought Mixer Labs in December, 2009, it inherited the startup’s then-recently launched GeoAPI, which offered a platform for building geo apps. The GeoAPI combined a places database of 16 million businesses with a reverse-geo-coder and support for geo-coded Tweets, Flickr photos, and even an iPhone SDK. Twitter kept the GeoAPI going after the acquisition—but that ends… Read More

  • Hyperpublic Wants To "Structure The Data In Your Local World"

    Hyperpublic Wants To "Structure The Data In Your Local World"

    One of my big predictions for 2011 is that we are going to start to see open databases for places spring up and take hold. Hyperpublic, which just launched today, is doing just that by creating an open database of people, places, and things tied to specific locations. “We are trying to structure the data in your local world,” says CEO and founder Jordan Cooper, who is also a… Read More

  • SimpleGeo's Holiday Treats: QR Codes, Geocoders, And Simple Geo For Any Site

    A couple weeks ago, SimpleGeo launched a couple of their APIs, Context and Places, into public beta and they were told that was probably a good cut off point for new products before the holidays. But they didn’t listen. Today they’re launching a bunch of things right before holiday break starts for many people. So what did they want to get out the door before the new year? The… Read More

  • Social Networking: The Future

    Social Networking: The Future

    Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.” Read Part I and Part II first. In my first post I talked about the history of social networking from 1985-2002 dominated by CompuServe, AOL & Yahoo! In the second post I explored the current era which… Read More

  • Foursquare Testing Version 2 Of Their API. "It's 1000x Faster"

    The geolocation wars are well underway. If you need any proof of that, simply look at this thread in Quora. A startup posted a question wondering which place database they should use for their new check-in app. The responses? Foursquare: Us. Gowalla: Us. SimpleGeo: Us. Factual: Us. Locationary: Us. Each of these companies, along with a few other big ones not practicing the art of self-promotion… Read More

  • Interview With Matt Galligan: What Does SimpleGeo Do? (TCTV)

    We cornered SimpleGeo founder Matt Galligan yesterday and talked to him about SimpleGeo’s newest hire, Mike’s infamous “What Is It You Do? The Need For Simplicity” post (which focused on the fact that it’s difficult to pinpoint what SimpleGeo actually does) and the difference between a location-based service vs. a location-aware service. At the center of the… Read More

  • SimpleGeo Hires Former Digg CEO Jay Adelson

    SimpleGeo Hires Former Digg CEO Jay Adelson

    Jay Adelson, the CEO of Digg until April 2010, just landed in a new position. He’s taking over as CEO of location services startup SimpleGeo, and will join the company’s board of directors. Founding CEO Matt Galligan will become the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. SimpleGeo, which has raised nearly $10 million in venture capital, allows companies to add location features… Read More

  • What Is It You Do? The Need For Simplicity

    What Is It You Do? The Need For Simplicity

    Warren Buffett is famous for telling people they should only invest in businesses they understand. A corollary to that is that a company should be able to describe in simple terms what they do. Even if what they do is really technical and complicated. Why? First so employees and investors can get on board and help the company get where it wants to go. But it’s just as important that… Read More

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