• SimilarWeb Changes Name To SimilarGroup, Raises More Funding

    SimilarWeb, which will henceforth be known as SimilarGroup, has raised more funding, bringing the total of capital injected into the company to $1.1 million. The fresh funding is considered to be the company’s Series A round and will be used to expand its line of products, based on the core technology we previously wrote about. Read More

  • SimilarWeb’s integration with Twitter is, well, questionable

    Web applications and services are all the rage right now and Twitter app creations are even hotter. So, not soon after SimilarWeb launched its website, their sister project SimilarSites, which is basically SimilarWeb’s search engine, presented an interesting twitter integration that brings most of their core functionality to twitter. What is their core functionality exactly? Read More

  • Why is Sequoia Looking Into Associative Browsing Add-on SimilarWeb?

    Yahoo’s purchase of FoxyTunes for a rumored $30M legitimized the add-on play as a product strategy for Israeli startups. I see new startups in this category almost weekly. We’re bearish on add-on plays because the “get them to download, install and use” parts are tricky – and monetizing those users is nearly impossible. In recent months, though… Read More