SimCity Creator Will Wright’s New App Wants To Create A Graphic Novel Of Your LIfe

The creator of SimCity, Will Wright, has come out with a new app called THRED — and it isn't a game. Instead, Wright describes it as a natively built way to browse "the World Wide Web" in a more

Optimizely Explains How It Boosted SimCity Pre-Order Revenue

Here's an example of a company using <a target="_blank" href="">Optimizely</a>'s A/B testing tools for a high-profile game launch. The startup, which recently <a href="http

SimCity Arrives On Mac June 11, 1.3M PC Copies Sold So Far Despite Connection Requirements

SimCity is making its way to Mac, as promised, but now EA has put a specific date on when that will happen. The city-building simulator will arrive on OS X June 11, EA revealed in a press release toda

SimCity Could Potentially Work Offline, Modder Shows With New Hack

SimCity is getting a lot of flack from players and consumers about its policy of requiring that they remain connected to EA's servers to enjoy the game, even when playing in single-player mode. Maxis

EA Apologizes For SimCity Disaster, Says It Was “Dumb” And Offers Free Game To Players

Electronic Arts’ SimCity was easily the most anticipated game of the season, but its launch was an unmitigated disaster because the DRM solution Electronic Arts and Maxis dreamt up means users h

We Built This SimCity On A Shaky Foundation Of DRM

EA's anticipated SimCity launch has officially become a cavalcade of fail. Amazon is temporarily suspending sales of digital copies of the game in the face of massive negative buyer feedback, with the

Opinion: SimCity for iPhone/iPod Touch is worth $9.99

I downloaded, installed, and played SimCity on my first-generation iPod Touch earlier today and I can tell you that, yes, it’s worth $9.99 if you like the SimCity series of games. I’m a big fan of

Wii: ‘SimCity Creator’ preview, gameplay video I’m a big, big fan of the SimCity series. Ask anyone who knows me, they’ll be like “Oh, Doug? Yeah, he loves SimCity. Loves it. Good old SimCity Aamoth.” Th

CrunchArcade: Franchise Favorites

It’s easy with games to complain that there are few original ideas; everything just seems to be a rehash of the same old titles we’ve been playing for years. But then sometimes an old game re-envi