• Apple Built A SIM Card That Lets You Switch Between AT&T, Sprint, And T-Mobile

    Apple Built A SIM Card That Lets You Switch Between AT&T, Sprint, And T-Mobile

    Whoaaa — here’s an interesting bit that went unmentioned in today’s Apple announcement: Apple has seemingly built a SIM card that lets you swap between AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile without having to swap it out (or, more likely, track down/purchase a new SIM card when you want to switch carriers). Read More

  • Kickstarter: The SIMPLcase Is An iPhone 5 Case For The Globetrotting SIM Switcher

    Kickstarter: The SIMPLcase Is An iPhone 5 Case For The Globetrotting SIM Switcher

    Being based in Canada means that I’m often traveling for work, and that means fiddling with SIM cards. A new Kickstarter project from the same people who brought you the X-Wing joke campaign proposes to make keeping track of those SIMs and navigating international border-crossing much easier, with a simple design that adds a couple simple twists to a basic low-profile iPhone case design. Read More

  • Japan's NTT Docomo to make all of its cell phones SIM-free from April 2011

    Big shake up in Japan’s cell phone industry (100 million mobile subscribers) today: NTT Docomo, the country’s leading carrier (55 million customers), is planning to make all of its cell phones SIM free as early as April 2011 (the start of the new fiscal year in most Japanese companies). Read More

  • Nau now carries a recycled wallet with a SIM card slot

    I love my home state for a number of reasons, but this is just one more reason why Oregon kicks ass. Portland, OR-based clothier Nau’s billfold wallet is perfect for any world traveler. It has a SIM card dedicated slot built right in! And it’s made from 100 percent recycled polyester. Read More

  • SIMbook takes SIM card concept and makes it much more work

    Oh I get it. It’s a SIMbook. Like how a SIM card that holds your phone numbers on your cell phone except it’s a phone book that you write phone numbers in by hand. Clever. Also weird, though, because if you understand how a SIM card works, you probably have a cell phone and, thus, no need for a handwritten phone book. Maybe you’re really into irony and going against… Read More

  • GPS receivers to be embedded into SIM cards

    So apparently GPS chips are getting really, really small. Small enough to fit onto tiny SIM cards, as telephony electronics company Sagem has teamed up with GPS experts BlueSky Positioning on technology that “incorporates a GPS receiver and a proprietary antenna into the SIM card, enabling mobile operators to deploy applications with no need for software or hardware changes,”… Read More

  • Unlock your iPhone with some $30 sim card trickery

    Okay, so apparently you can attach this thing to the existing SIM card inside your iPhone and it’ll filter all the info that’s passed back and forth, effectively unlocking your iPhone somehow. According to the rough English on Brando’s website, these are the features; attached to your SIM card to unlock iPhone unlocking iPhone v1.1.2 firwmares So if you’re looking to… Read More

  • Some Apple Geniuses Restoring Bricked iPhones

    You know damn well that when you unlocked your iPhone, it’d only be good until the next software update. Don’t kid me. You knew it. Now your iPhone is an expensive paperweight and Apple says you voided your warranty. Try to take it to an Apple Store or send it back to Apple and you’ll get denied. Lucky for you, some Apple employees working the Genius Bar have compassion and… Read More