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FCC proposes new rules to combat SIM swapping scams

SIM swapping scams have been on the rise these past couple of years, but the FCC is seeking to create new rules that would help prevent SIM swapping scams and port-out fraud.

SIMbook takes SIM card concept and makes it much more work

<img src="" alt="simbook" />Oh I get it. It's a SIMbook. Like how a SIM card that holds your phone numbers on your cell phone exce

GPS receivers to be embedded into SIM cards

So apparently GPS chips are getting really, really small. Small enough to fit onto tiny SIM cards, as telephony electronics company Sagem has teamed up with GPS experts BlueSky Positioning on technolo

Citizen Engineer: GSM

Citizen Engineer from citizen engineer on Vimeo. Friends of the Crunch Limor Fried and Phil Torrone are putting together open source DIY videos at They’ll be talking about e

SIM cards to get NFC payments soon, but will it be enough?

[photopress:simcards.jpg,full,center] Subscriber Identity Modules, or SIMs, might be on the verge of extinction. SIMs themselves are getting smarter, now capable of doing far more than hold your cell

MAXRoam: It's what's for dinner

Just a quick note to mention that is a really great service. Essentially it’s a reduced rate pre-paid SIM card that lets you add multiple numbers to the same SIM. For example, I now

Happy Halloween: Man buried with cellphone sans SIM

Attention Readers: if your loved one’s dying wish was to be buried with his mobile phone, the very least you can do is make sure that happens, lest his restless spirit rises from the grave to st

FCC Filing Reveals New T-Mobile @Home Router

Though John “Pop n’ Lock” Biggs is a fan of T-Mobile’s @Home service, it still hasn’t stopped the ‘Mo from developing with a new version of the product. The revampe