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Nope, no AT&T contract required for bring-your-own-SIM card plan

[photopress:attoops.jpg,full,center] Some people freaked out the other day when they saw that AT&T wanted to tack on a two-year contract to its “bring your own SIM card” plan. Why shou

AT&T will sell you just a SIM card – five American dollars, my friend!

I guess this is the simplest possible route short of getting a candy cell phone and pretending it’s real. AT&T is sending out just SIM cards for you to put into your already-unlocked or AT&a

iPhone Unlocked, For Reals

There you have it, folks. The iPhone has been unlocked via hardware modification. Details on the hack are being withheld until next week where the ‘group’ believes they’ll have a sof

iPhone Now Can Use Any Cingular SIM Card

The folks at hacktheiphone have figured out how to use any Cingular SIM card in the iPhone, regardless of type or service plan. Heck, you can even drop an old one in there that doesn’t even work