• Forgotten CES: Silverstone Raven mouse quickie hands-on

    CES is over, but I’m still finding things on my camera that I never got to report. For instance, I saw the Silverstone booth and thought they might be showing their Raven mouse. Its most obvious feature is that enormous scrolling thumb-wheel, which few if any mice have something comparable to. I gave it a quick spin while on the lookout for booth babes. Read More

  • Silverstone's "Raven" mouse: freaky, possibly nice

    As we saw in the last barrage of mouse reviews, there’s a lot that goes into making a good pointing device. While seasoned mousemakers like Razer won out at the end of the day, NZXT showed it can make a nice device even though they are more in the hard hardware business. Well, looks like Silverstone is making a similar bid for expansion. They’re known for their power supplies… Read More