Chaos in US banks could push crypto industry toward decentralization

The crypto industry lost some banking on- and off-ramps due to recent banking turmoil, signaling a potential shift toward decentralization.

Signature Bank seizure creates obstacles for crypto industry while promoting ‘unbanked’ innovations

Unease is rising in crypto after federal regulators seized Signature Bank, Silvergate Capital wound down operations, and Silicon Valley Bank collapsed.

Bitcoin rallies over 18% in 24-hour span in wake of SVB crisis

The value of major cryptocurrencies rose Monday in the wake of U.S. government plans to protect SVB and Signature Bank depositors.

Silvergate’s shiny hinges have rusted as the crypto bank plans to shut down

On Wednesday, Silvergate Capital, a publicly traded crypto bank, shared that it would “wind down operations and voluntarily liquidate” its bank division.

Crypto bank Silvergate’s ‘collywobbles’ could add to industry’s woes

Crypto bank Silvergate bit the dust this week, leading some analysts to forecast bigger problems for the overall ecosystem.

Crypto-friendly bank Silvergate to wind down after FTX blow-up

Silvergate Capital Corporation, the holding company of crypto-focused Silvergate Bank, announced Wednesday its intent to wind down operations and voluntarily liquidate the banking unit. The move came