Consumer internet startups go mainstream outside of Silicon Valley

In the past year, New York has reached a tipping point as consumer-facing startups proliferate and similarly Los Angeles is gaining notice with the success of Snap and Dollar Shave Club among others.

Google fires the engineer who wrote that viral memo criticizing its diversity efforts

Google has fired the employee behind a controversial memo on gender diversity that went viral inside the company, as well as across Silicon Valley and much of the world's tech industry. The author, wh

Former Rhapsody CEO and writer Rob Reid talks about fiction, finding an audience and the future

It takes a lot of smarts to move from tech CEO to full-time novelist, but Rob Reid pulled it off. The author of After On, Reid has spent years in the murk and mire of Silicon Valley and is ready to na

YouTube puts $1M behind Creators for Change

YouTube might be one of the only communities on earth more eccentric than Silicon Valley. You can find videos of cats pretending to be people, people pretending to be cats, and whatever the hell this

Qualtrics adds former Google and Apple exec Kim Scott to the board to help pull in top Silicon Valley talent

Billion-dollar customer insight startup Qualtrics hopes to recruit top Silicon Valley talent to its home base in Utah as it continues to grow and part of that strategy involves adding professional tec

This startup just got $4 million to get you to eat more bugs

Gross? Well, that gross idea just pulled in a $4 million Series A round from AccellFoods, existing investor Collaborative Fund and a bunch of angels including Nas and Tim Ferriss. The team behind the

INNOVATE2016: Darrell Issa On What Washington DC Can Learn From Silicon Valley?

According to <a target="_blank" href="">nine-term San Diego Congressman</a>, Darrell Issa, the 21st century has started everywhere…. except Washington DC.

With Detroit Taking A Lyft In A Driverless Car, What’s Next For Cities?

Transportation and geography have always been intertwined. Specifically, the auto industry, with Detroit being the prime example, was once more tightly tied to place. The same can be said for the tech

The iPhone 5’s Greatest Inside Story: Chipmaking Maturation For Apple

The iPhone 5 brings a lot to the table, but a lot of its changes lie under the hood away from prying eyes. Or, at least, away from those eyes until Friday when it'll get opened up by a host of folks,

Patek Philippe Invests In Silicon Micro Parts Research For Watches

<img src="">Silicon for the win! The material that has had watch brands debating and experimenting is here to stay an

Nooka "Asset Organizer" seems like a bad wallet

<img src="" />Sorry Nooka, you're probably not going to like me much. Looking at the pictures of this wallet, I see several issues. First

New bendable silicon semiconductor chip may pave the way for fancier gadgets

<img src="" /> Major Japanese chemical company <a href="http://">Teijin</a>, in cooperation with Calif

Black silicon: vastly more light-sensitive, good for solar cells etc

Put this stuff on your “tech to watch” list along with magnetic batteries, liquid lenses, and all this stuff. This “black silicon” was ordinary until it was blasted by an incre

The future of Moore's law: IBM's chief technologist weighs in

Trouble ahead, captain! Before ten years is out, our pattern of reducing the size of semiconductors (for example, the move to 45nm from 65nm with Penryn) every two years or so is going to hit a brick

Interesting: 3D chips with microscopic water cooling

Chips these days are pretty much flat. And I’m not talking about tortilla chips. They call those silicon things wafers for a reason: all those little gates and channels are lying flat in a singl

Wall-climbing attack droids on their way

The non-profit group SRI International is designing a wall-climbing robot to be unveil it at the International Conference of Robotics and Automation. Popular Mechanics has a video of it climbing on a