silent hill

There will be a Silent Hill 1 remake for the Wii this fall

<img src="" />Here's the latest proof that the entertainment industry is creatively bankrupt. Konami has confirmed that it will remake

The excessive violence of Silent Hill: Homecoming is why it's banned in Australia

Silent Hill: Homecoming, which is only getting so-so reviews (which stinks because it’s my favorite game series; Silent Hill 2? Now there’s proper narrative in a video game), is effectivel

Pyramid Head coming soon to your favorite platform, PC included

I’m not sure whether to jump for joy or cower in abject terror. Pyramid Head, the enigmatic and utterly terrifying boss-monster from Silent Hill, is making another appearance, this time in the n

Coincidence? Video game caught stealing content from Oblivion, other popular games

To quote Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson, “The most amazing gaming story of the year.” A recently released adventure game for the PC, Limbo of the Lost, appears to have stolen content, in