Recruiting platform Gem gains unicorn status with $100M raise to change the way companies hire

Gem provides companies with marketing-like tools for proactive hiring: sending emails, hosting events, running branded email campaigns and ad spending to engage with talent.

Fraud prevention platform Sift raises $50M at over $1B valuation, eyes acquisitions

With the increase of digital transacting over the past year, cybercriminals have been having a field day. In 2020, complaints of suspected internet crime surged by 61%, to 791,790, according to the FB

Sift’s ‘news therapy’ app aims to promote understanding, not anxiety

Is reading the news feeling a little stressful today? Can’t imagine why. Don’t worry: you’re not alone. A Pew Research study found that seven of 10 Americans today suffer from &#8220

Sift raises $1.5 million to unlock your credit cards

Did you know that your credit cards can do amazing things? Aside from drawing you into crippling debt while forcing you to be part of the vast cycle of economic servitude, credit cards also offer cash

Sift Raises $2 Million For Its Personalized Shopping App, Now On iPhone

Mobile shopping service <a target="_blank" href="">Sift</a> has closed on $2 million in seed funding, the company is announcing today, alongside its <a target="_blank" href="ht

Sift Turns All Of Your Retailer Emails Into A Personalized Mall On Your iPad

Managing the deluge of email from daily-deal sites, retailers, flash-sales sites, and Amazon is a pain. Enter <a target="_blank" href="">Sift</a>, a startup that takes retailer