SAY Media Acquires Digital Agency Sideshow

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">SAY Media</a>, the company that was formed after <a hre

Ricavision Vista SideShow Remote Control: Explore Vista's Majesty From The Couch

One of the many wows of Windows Vista is SideShow, a technology that outputs information like e-mail onto screens other than a PC monitor. Using SideShow, this Ricavision Bluetooth remote control lets

SideShow Geeks Out Your Bag

As if it weren’t bad enough carrying around all the gadgets I do, I can’t imagine strapping one of these badboys on. I’m pretty sure the girlfriend would kick me in the shins. Just l

LG's SideShow Waaay Hotter Than Asus

LG brings us a much better looking SideShow laptop that makes the Asus W5Fe look like a cheap hooker(CES in Vegas…see the connection). The Z1 comes equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor T7

Asus Sideshow Is World's First

Asus has launched the world’s first laptop, W5Fe, with Sideshow. It may be the first but it sure has a fugly exterior. The 12 inch lappy features Intel Core 2 Duo processors, Mobile Intel 945GM