Sidekick Slide

T-Mobile Sidekick Slide Scarlet now available

The T-Mobile Sidekick Slide, my last one, has gotten itself a nice little body mod and is now available in scarlet red for $199 from T-Mobile. Hopefully this one doesn’t have that pesky rebootin

Why the Sidekick Slide is dying

I’ve had one issue with my Slide shutting down and now we know what the problem is with the random power cycling. I’m glad Motorola has found the problem and is working to resolve it, but

"Mad Probz" plague Moto Sidekick Slide, yo

Mad probz and other shizz are surfacing with this piece of hardware, my nizzle It has come to Boy Genius’ attention — and, in fact, Mr. Peter Ha’s as well — that the Sidekick S

Sidekick Slide review [Update]

Many of you may recall my recent rants about the Sidekick 3 and how much it sucked ass. I mean, seriously, I paid over $400 for the biggest POS known to man. Danger makes a phenomenal OS and Sharp and

CG Exclusive: Sidekick Slide hands-on

What’s small, cool, and made by Motorola? Not much? HA! We beg to differ. Take a look at the Sidekick Slide. It’s sexy, slidy, and runs Danger’s OS just fine. I only have time to do

New Sidekicks will include unlimited MMS messages

The new Sidekick Slide and Sidekick LX will be capable of sending MMS (images, audio, video, etc.) messages and doing so will be included with your plan, according to Joshua Karp over on BGR. These ne