Sidecar Is Calling It Quits On Rides And Deliveries

Sidecar, the on-demand car service that was supposed to compete with Lyft and Uber, is shutting down at the end of this year, Sidecar CEO Sunil Paul wrote on Medium. In August, Sidecar basically threw

YC’s Meadow Partners With Sidecar For Speedy Deliveries of All Your Medical Marijuana Needs

Meadow, a YC-backed startup in the medical marijuana space, is partnering with Sidecar to do quick medical marijuana deliveries throughout the city of San Francisco. It follows recent moves by much bi

Instacart Is Quietly Working With Third Parties To Outsource (Some Of) Its Deliveries

Instacart, the on-demand grocery delivery startup that is reportedly valued north of $2 billion, is growing fast in 15 markets throughout the country. As it seeks to meet that demand, the company has

Millennials Insist The Future Will Be Shared

What happens when 80-year-old laws meet 21st-century millennial? We’re about to find out. In California, the state Department of Motor Vehicles threatened the future of ride sharing by dusting off a

Sidecar Follows The Competition, Starts Charging A $1 “RideSafe” Fee

Last year, Uber introduced a "Safe Rides" fee that added a $1 charge to uberX fares. This fee, they said, was meant to help them cover the cost of background checks, vehicle screenings, and "the devel

Sidecar Tests A New “Commute” Service, With Discounts When You Pay For A Week Of Morning Rides

Ridesharing service <a target="_blank" href="">SideCar</a> invited me today to beta test a new feature called Sidecar Commute. Here's how it works, as explained on <a target="_bla

Ridesharing Service Sidecar Raises Another $15 Million, Adds Sir Richard Branson As Investor

San Francisco-headquartered ridesharing startup Sidecar, which competes with on-demand car services like Uber and Lyft, announced this morning it has raised an additional $15 million in funding. The

California Regulator Sends Warning Letter To Uber, Lyft And Sidecar Over Shared Ride Feature

Shared rides are the new "it feature" among on-demand transportation services, with Uber, Lyft and Sidecar all releasing their own versions to users over the last few weeks and months. But the Califor

Sidecar Tests Out Shareable Rides, So Passengers Going In The Same Direction Can Split The Fare

Since launch, Sidecar has always been about <a href="">sharing rides with strangers</a>. Now the startup is taking sharing one step further, with a new f

One Year Later, SFO Still Refuses To Meet With Uber, Lyft And Sidecar To Discuss Dispute

Uber, Lyft and Sidecar sent a letter to San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee last week asking him to intervene in the ongoing dispute over the right to pick up passengers at the San Francisco International Airp

After Raising $10M From USV, SideCar Pivots To Offer A Ride-sharing Marketplace

Peer-to-peer ride-sharing startup SideCar is releasing a brand new version of its app for both passengers and drivers, which will provide more flexibility for drivers and more choice for passengers. T

California Regulator Proposes New Ride-Sharing Rules In A Victory For Uber, Lyft And SideCar

The California Public Utilities Commission issued its proposed framework for the regulation of ride-sharing services today, granting a huge victory for companies like Uber, Lyft and SideCar. The propo

John Zimmer Says Lyft Will Work With Sidecar, Uber To Fight Regulators In Wake Of LA Cease & Desist

Lyft co-founder John Zimmer says the company is trying to work with other ride sharing companies to fight regulators after Los Angeles served Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar with cease and desist letters yest

Uber Confirms UberX Price Cuts In San Francisco To Target Rivals Lyft And SideCar

On-demand transportation startup Uber is making a serious commitment to its UBERx service. Today on the Uber Blog, the company confirmed what we reported last week — that it will be cutting fares on

As Competition Heats Up, Uber Plans To Lower Fares On UberX Rides By 25% In San Francisco

Uber is planning an aggressive strike against mounting competition in the on-demand transportation market, as it will lower fares for its low-cost UberX service by as much as 25 percent in San Francis

SideCar’s Sunil Paul On Working With (And Battling) Regulators

<a target="_blank" href="">SideCar</a> co-founder and CEO Sunil Paul was part of what may have been <a target="_blank" href="earlier this month ">the most spirited and feisty panel</

Zimride Becomes Lyft, Launches Its Mustachioed Ride-Sharing Service In Chicago

It's hard to believe that it's been less than a year since ride-sharing service Lyft first launched in beta, offering a low-cost alternative to on-demand black car service Uber. But not only has it gr

SideCar Defends Its NYC Ride Sharing Business, Says TLC Protects Taxi Industry

"The TLC protects the taxi industry. And I don’t think anyone in their right mind can deny that fact,” Sidecar co-founder Sunil Paul said to applause at Disrupy NY today. Paul argued back and f

After Being Hit With A Sting Operation In NYC, SideCar Asks Users To Lobby Mayor Bloomberg For Ride Sharing

Ride-sharing startup SideCar received the first enforcement action against it since launching in the city in March, as a couple of its drivers were stopped by police over the weekend. In response, the

Hailo, SideCar, And The New York Taxi And Limousine Commission To Discuss The Future Of Transportation At Disrupt NY 2013

In the coming weeks, the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission is expected to enter into its first trial of taxi e-hail apps. That'll allow startups like <a target="_blank" href="http://www.crunchbas
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