Sidebar thinks the key to career dev is small peer groups

Sidebar, a company developing a group coaching program focused on driving individual career growth, today announced that it raised $13.55 million in a seed round from investors including Foundation Ca

Microsoft bakes its Bing/ChatGPT bot into Windows 11

Microsoft is building its ChatGPT-based Bing experience right into Windows 11 — and adding a few twists that allow users to ask the chatbot to change their Windows settings, too. The new Windows

Google News launches a new desktop design with topic customization

Google News is refreshing its desktop site with a new design that allows you to track global and local news on one screen. The redesign puts Your Briefing, Local news and Top Picks section on a single

Sidebar Delivers Personalized Mobile Apps And Content To Android

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Sidebar Will Deliver Personalized Mobile Apps And Content To Your Phone

<img src="" width="95" height="200" /> With over 85,000 apps on Apple's App Store alone, the task to find apps tailored to your need