shuffle 2k9

  • Review: Apple iPod Shuffle 2K9 with VoiceOver [Update]

    The latest iPod Shuffle to come out of Cupertino has a big hill to climb and, so far, things aren’t looking great. Any which way you look at it, this is a dud, but a magnificent one all the same. For starters, the price to storage ratio is skewed in the wrong direction. One quick look at Amazon and you’ll find a handful of 4GB MP3 players for much cheaper with screens, controls… Read More

  • Dexim previewing the Shu-Lip for the iPod shuffle 2K9

    The latest iPod shuffle is all about being chintzy (our hands-on here), which is great for accessory makers like Dexim. You see, they will make a bunch of coin selling this simple $10 USB adaptor to replace the little cable thing that comes with the new shuffle. There hasn’t been a release date announced yet, but you can plop down a pre-order now. Read More