Vevo Buys Showyou To Take On YouTube In Subscription Content

Vevo, the world's largest music video platform, has today announced its first acquisition: Showyou, a subscription-based video streaming platform that helps users find video content that might appeal

Video Discovery App Showyou Launches A Platform For Subscription VOD Channels

Over the past several years, Showyou has been in the business of helping users find interesting videos that might appeal to them. Now it’s preparing to flip its model just a little, with the introdu

Showyou Adds Chromecast Support And Personalized Channel Categories

Showyou has released an update to its apps that will make it easier for viewers to stream videos from their mobile phones and tablets to the TV via Chromecast. The company has also made changes to its

As Web Traffic Explodes, Showyou Relaunches iOS Apps To Provide A More Consistent Video Experience

Many video apps have come and gone over the past few years, all of which have promised to help users find new content that they might not have already known about. But <a target="_blank" href="http://

Video Discovery Startup Showyou Launches Channel Platform, Unveils A Revenue Model

Over the past few years, Showyou has created an app which makes it easier for video viewers on a mobile phone or tablet to find new content, and share it with friends. Now Showyou wants to use the app

Video Discovery Startup Showyou Updates Its iPad App With A Slick New Interface And Smart Feed For Video Recommendations

Showyou has just released a new iPad app that is designed to make it even easier for users to find content that will be interesting and relevant to them. With a number of tweaks, both in the presentat

Showyou’s New iPad App Is Like A Remote Control For Your Apple TV

A few weeks ago, I took a look at the <a href="">new Showyou iPhone app</a>, which founder Mark Hall at that time said was quickly becoming

No Longer Just An App, Social Video Service ShowYou Leaps From Mobile To Web

Social video browsing app <a href="">ShowYou</a> has often been referred to as something like a "Flipboard for video content," but now, that comparison may no longer be as apt. The

Showyou Rolls Out All-New iPad App With Improved Video Discovery, Better Social Tools

Social video browsing app <a href="">Showyou</a> just launched version 3.0 of its iPad application, a major update with a ton of new features. Competing in a hot space with competit

With Search And Big Publishers, Showyou Turns Your iPad Into A Visual, Social Remote Control

When Showyou first launched last April, we noted that it was <a href="">sort of like a Flipboard for video c

VodPod Founders Launch Showyou, A Flipboard-Like Social Video App For iOS

<img src="">Online video startup <a href="">Vodpod</a> is launching a new app today, <a href="http://