Shortwave email app introduces AI-powered summaries

Last year, a bunch of Google executives launched an email app called Shortwave, which aimed to fill in the gap left by the search giant’s Inbox app. Now, the company has introduced an AI-powered

Shortwave wants to bring back Google Inbox

Google’s Inbox experiment was a glorious thing while it lasted. Launched as an invitation-only service in 2014, it was the company’s next-gen email client. Because it was so good, it&#8217

Shortwave Shows Off Anonymous Chat As Another Consumer Use Case For iBeacons

Apple’s iBeacons are being trialled and demoed in retail settings all over the place, but they’re slowly becoming more interesting to average users, too. A new app called Shortwave offers

Shortwave Aims To Spur Video Conversations By Launching A Reddit-Style iPhone App

I’ve seen some unsuccessful attempts to build tools for video comments and discussions (including an earlier version of Seesmic), so I was a little skeptical when I first heard about a startup